Be a Medical Laboratory Expert!

Laboratory tests are needed to be able to know a person’s medical condition, and a Medical Technologist (MedTech) plays a very important role for the doctors to give the right diagnosis and treatment. A MedTech is usually found in a laboratory doing tests on patients using specimens.

If you find yourself wanting to be in a clinical laboratory and are interested in operating a medical equipment, then you can become a Medical Technologist.

However, a science course related to medical equipment and diagnosis is quite a tough job to undertake but don’t be upset, we can give you 3 tips to excel at becoming a medical technologist/technician!

●Study Hard

Enrolling in a course involving the lives of people can bring out pressure, but studying your subjects religiously can help you become confident in your practice. In addition, when you study in advance, you will get the gist of the process and prepare questions about the things you don’t understand. Indeed, giving enough time for your studies can help you organize your thoughts and can make you fully understand your lesson.

●Be Detail Oriented

Pursuing a Medical Technology course means that you are interested in seeing things at a detailed level. You need to have a good eye concerning details to fully understand a test result. Being detail oriented helps a lot when observing the sample that you are looking at. These small details can affect how you think since everything about viruses and bacteria is shown at a microscopic level, and your interpretation will be based on what you see.

●Have Knowledge in Chemistry

Knowing about chemistry and having an excellent background about it can help in your survival for this course. You will be dealing with chemicals for testing; knowing the chemical reactions when using them can help reduce lab accidents. It cannot be stressed enough how important chemistry is in choosing this career path. You need to learn how to handle specimens correctly and give out proper analysis. Your knowledge in chemistry can help in giving out the right test results to the doctors who will diagnose the patient.

If you have decided to take this challenging but fulfilling career path, and you’re looking for Medical Technology courses in Mindanao, then Liceo U can be the best University for you. For more information about the course, visit their website


Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Medical Technologist?

The medical field is always appealing to young people; in fact, children usually portray the role of being a doctor, a nurse, an X-ray technician, or a medical technologist during their role-playing games. They are obviously attracted to wearing white and bringing a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, or any medical equipment that they often see at their physician’s clinic during their regular visit. This can be one of the reasons why many of them want to become a medical practitioner when they grow up.

If you are one of those who dream to be in a medical school one day, then, pick your best choice as there are many options for you. For example, if you are really interested in the details of a person’s medical condition and you can work in a laboratory, then you are fit to become a medical technologist. This is especially true if you possess the following qualities:

  • You’re Interested in Science, and You Love Details.

It is a fact that your interest about Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, and other related disciplines is necessary in order to pursue a career in medical laboratory technology. You must be excited in trying to examine blood samples or specimens in order to get the best results. You should also be meticulous with details as your tasks include coding, compiling, categorizing, and calculating findings to ensure that the doctors can give an accurate diagnosis.

  • You Love a Quiet Environment

Remember that a medical laboratory technologist’s normal working day is mostly confined to the four walls of a laboratory room working alone or with few colleagues. In this type of profession, you won’t be interacting with patients the way other medical practitioners do, but if you love silence and deep analysis, then, this profession is just right for you.

  • You Don’t Get Bored Easily

As a medical technologist, you’ll be doing the same things everyday such as testing samples of blood, urine, specimens and the like. If you are not passionate about what you do, it is very likely that you’ll get bored with your repetitive tasks. However, if you love your job and that you are guided by the principle of helping a sick person get cured, then being in the laboratory the whole day won’t really matter.

  • You Are Compassionate, and You Act Professionally

Your work involves a lot of risks as well as of confidentiality since you are dealing with different specimens or samples taken from different people who are ill or who might be ill. Aside from taking the primary measures to protect yourself from possible infections, especially for contagious diseases, you should also ensure to keep your findings strictly confidential. They should only be revealed to the persons concerned. Thus, you need to have a heart that feels for others; don’t broadcast anybody’s laboratory test results as it is not intended for everybody’s knowledge. By keeping them to yourself, you are actually protecting the credibility of the person concerned. You are also able to show that you are a genuine professional.

If you have already decided to become a medical technologist, then choose the right school where you can take the course. In Cagayan de Oro city, you can enrol at Liceo U; it is one of the best universities that offers a Medical technology course in the Philippines. For more details, visit their website at

Liceo U Tops in the Recent Radiologic Technology Board Exam

X-ray technicians or radiologic technologists play a vital role in the treatment of a person’s physical ailment. In fact, medical practitioners depend so much on the result of the x-ray examination in order to accurately diagnose the condition of a patient. They fully trust the ability of an x-ray technician to perform excellent diagnostic imaging examinations of the patient. It is, therefore, necessary for you to get the right knowledge and excellent training from a reputable school in order to become a reliable x-ray technician.

The job of a radiologic technologist is very challenging, yet very promising. To understand this better, let us discuss the benefits that you’ll get being an X-ray technician:

  • Ability to Help Others

Being a radiologic technologist allows you to help people, especially those who suffer from certain ailments. By doing your job well, you can aid doctors in their diagnosis, thus making the prescription of treatments fast and more effective.

  • Plenty of Opportunities

As an x-ray technician, you can opt to work alone in catering the patient’s needs and be your own boss. However, you can also choose to work with others in a hospital or in a diagnostic center. You can also develop other related skills. For example, you can develop the skill of becoming a magnetic resonance imaging tech or a computed tomography tech. This gives you more chances of getting better jobs.

  • Ability to Understand Others

Since radiologic technologists need to communicate with their patients, they have to be open-minded so they can deal with them in the most compassionate way. They also get to deal with patients of different health conditions, thus, giving them the chance to become more understanding.

  • Financial Benefits

As an x-ray technician, you are entitled to a generous income considering that you have great responsibilities in making more accurate diagnosis and quick treatments for those patients who undergo the process of x-ray examination.

If you think that you too can become a good radiologic technologist, then look for a school that is well-known for producing excellent graduates. Liceo U is one of the universities that offers a Radiologic technology course here in Cagayan de Oro city. They don’t just give their students the chance to graduate, but they make them topnotchers. In fact, in the 2016 radiologic technology board examination, Liceo U successfully got the top 1 and top 10 places, thus proving their excellence when it comes to producing world-class x-ray technicians.

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What You Should Look for in a Radiologic Technologist

An X-ray machine is a very important device as it is used to take pictures of thick tissues like bones and teeth, thus helping a physician see accurately what and where the problem is. This way, it will be much easier to diagnose the proper treatment. This is where an efficient radiologic technologist should come in.

A radiologic technologist is a medical personnel who performs imaging examinations and who is good enough at accurately positioning a patient to ensure that the right diagnostic image is produced.

Since operating an x-ray machine is no joke, it is necessary that only efficient professionals will perform the procedure.

To ensure getting accurate x-ray results, here are the qualities that a radiologic technologist should possess:

  • Compassionate

He should be gentle and approachable since he is dealing with highly stressed patients. He should also actively listen to what the patients are trying to say, thus making them feel important. Being able to show his concern makes the patients more cooperative during the procedure, thus making his task much easier.

  • Enough Knowledge and Excellent Motor Skills

He should be able to excellently do all the functions necessary to get the accurate x-ray results of his patients, thus assisting the patients physically for them to be positioned at the right angle. He must also know how to properly adjust the equipment to meet the exact specifications in order to get the required image. He must also be willing and fit to do a lot of standing and walking while transferring the patients to their own rooms or beds.

  • Friendly

With the nature of his work, it is important for a radiologic technologist to interact well with others, both with patients and colleagues. This can help the patients feel good about themselves and about life in general. In addition, a friendly technologist can also make the patients comfortable while undergoing an x-ray procedure.

These are just a few of the many traits that a good and efficient radiologic technologist should possess. For you to become one of the most sought-after radio techs here in the Philippines and even abroad, you need to study in a university that is highly reputable when it comes to a Radiologic technology course. If you want to study in Cagayan de Oro City, Liceo U is the right school for you. In fact, they were able to get the top 1 and top 10 ranks in the recent Radiologic Technologists’ board examination.

This is because Liceo U has a pool of faculty and staff who are experts in their fields, and they also have state-of-the-art facilities to cater to the needs of their students to excel. You can check out their website at

Liceo U Offers Bloomberg Professional Training for the Academe

In her desire to help the education sector in Northern Mindanao and in the nearby places lead in today’s highly competitive world, Liceo U offers this great opportunity of bringing the Bloomberg Professional Service and Certified Financial Markets Professional Training Program to Cagayan de Oro City.

Bloomberg is the world’s leading platform for business finance news, data, analytics, and research. Together with East West Educational Specialists, the University offers this program to equip the faculty, staff, and administrators for the K-12 transition period.

This program is intended to make them understand the present market conditions so they can clearly identify the right actions to take, especially because they are the frontliners in the education sector. This way, they will gain enough knowledge for overcoming the effects of the ever-changing market and share the same invaluable knowledge with their students.

Moreover, the training also boosts the participants’ self-confidence as they are granted with international qualification and recognition. It also enhances the way they understand their financial life, thus making them more equipped to become world-class educators.

With the help of  East West Educational Specialists, the faculty and staff can avail of this Professional Advancement Program/Development Grants through the CHED transition programs.

However, this training is not only limited to educators. In fact, students, finance practitioners, as well as other professionals are also invited to take this opportunity of becoming fully trained to manage their financial life.

This training is set in a module that only requires 8 days of classroom contact, plus certain hours of online work at the Bloomberg terminals in-campus.

Through this training, participants will have access to the Bloomberg data and analytics, which will give them the chance to effectively do different financial tasks that they can even apply in their day-to-day life. These can include real-time and historical analysis, building custom formulas, tracking multiples with forward-looking data, and conducting mock trading. They will also have the privilege of learning how to assess economic scenarios, analyze financial markets, and interpret key news developments that can affect the global economy.

To ensure the training does not conflict with the participants’ regular activities, it is scheduled on Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm at the Liceo U Main Campus Bloomberg Laboratory.

It is also offered for only  P9,800 which will be divided in 4 equal tranches.

For employees (full  & part time) of academic institutions who would like  to apply for the grant, as well as all those who want to join the training, just visit the Institute of Short Studies at the 2nd floor of Rodelsa Hall or call (88)8584093 to 95 local 249 for details.

Take this training at one of the best Cagayan de Oro universitiesLiceo U – where you can boost your qualifications and your career.

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5 Reasons to Learn Playing an Instrument

5 Reasons to Learn Playing an Instrument

As popularly said, “Music is the language of the soul”, mainly because music can completely express thoughts and feelings that ordinary words can’t. As human beings, we feel the significant role that music plays in our day-to-day life; and the fact that music has been hard-wired into our existence makes life without it so boring and maybe even unlivable.

While we all enjoy listening to good music, only a few of us are called musicians. They are the ones who have the ability to play a musical instrument and interpret music into their own style.

Sometimes we might wonder what exactly inspires them to exert enough effort to excel in what they do.
To understand this further, let us discuss these 5 good reasons why you should learn to play a musical instrument.

  • It Relieves Stress

Studies show that playing a musical instrument helps in lowering heart rate and blood pressure, which also lowers the stress hormone called cortisol. As a result, you feel relaxed. It is indeed true that music can satisfy the need to unwind from the worries of life, making people more alive and connected with one another.

  • It Makes You Smarter

Undoubtedly, if you study music, you become generally smarter compared to your non-musical counterparts. In fact, students who learn to play a musical instrument usually excel in academics as music training is far superior to computer instruction when it comes to enhancing children’s abstract reasoning skills and the skills necessary for learning Math and Science.

  • It improves Your Social Life

No one can deny the fact that music helps people connect. Obviously, when you know how to play an instrument your social circle widens as you get to meet more people, especially when you participate in different activities where your skill is required. You will then learn how to work in a team, thus developing your leadership skills.

  • It Helps Build Confidence

Choosing to take music lessons can help build confidence. Once you are aware that you are able to do something well, like playing musical instruments such as the violin, clarinet, and flute, you naturally feel good about yourself.

  • It Teaches Patience

You can’t learn how to play an instrument overnight; it is something you achieve through strong determination and constant practice. Since instant gratification is out of the question here, you’ll become more patient as you wait for the right for you to be able to play any musical instrument like a pro! You can also appreciate the fact that though it can’t happen soon, you will eventually learn how to play without mistakes.

In order to achieve your dream of becoming a great musician, first of all, you need to choose the right people to teach you and the right school to study music. In Cagayan de Oro City, Liceo U can answer your needs. To know what they have in store for you, visit their website at

The 4 Benefits of Learning Music

Many of us consider learning music as important, but only a few see it as beneficial to larger ideas and life skills.

The fact is, learning music provides positive influences for young people as music education offers emotional, social, physical, and cognitive benefits. Music can give them an opportunity to grow as individuals and gain skills they can use for a lifetime.

Let us go deeper into this and discuss the benefits you can get from learning music:


Being a powerful force, music creates deep emotions in humans as evident in weddings to express real happiness, in horror and war films to express deep sorrow and fear.

Indeed, music leads to relaxation, stress relief, and health therapy, thus improving physical and mental health.

Studies have shown that learning music leads to positive academic and psychological development, and it gives students the chance to learn as well as practice how to stick to a difficult task.

Another important benefit that students gain by learning music is self-confidence, which empowers them to do more tasks and overcome more challenges. Music also reduces feelings of stress and anxiety as it can be a vital means of self-expression and channeling of emotions. In fact, those who play music are more likely to increase their feelings of relaxation and calmness.

Learning music enables students to become more comfortable with taking safe risks and feeling fear. Learning about taking risks in a safe environment is a skill that can create a more thorough process of self-development, thus resulting in leadership skill building.


Young people who learn music have a greater chance to meet people from different walks of life and learn about other cultures. As a powerful subject, music has been used since the Greek times for healing, communication, relaxation, and enjoyment.

It is in our nature as human beings to be music lovers; even before birth our mother’s heartbeat serves as music to our ears, and during infancy, we are relaxed by a lullaby.

Students who play music learn about the value of group sharing, such as having to adjust to tempo or volume to improve their performance. This way, they learn about cooperation and teamwork.


With regards to the physical aspect, playing music has been proven to reduce heart rate, which also lowers blood pressure. Moreover, by learning music students develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

Cognitive and Learning

It has also been proven that playing music helps develop memory skills such as the abilities to remember and recall information. Studies also show that learning music can help improve reading and math skills, and can decrease the chances for students to drop out of school.

Students who are taking musical education can enjoy and actively engage in activities that can offer emotional, physical, social, and intellectual benefits.

Thus, they can apply their knowledge even to areas that are not specifically tied to music. If want your children to become a well- rounded individual, give them the chance to study music at Liceo U. Their College of Music also offers Certificate/Artist Diploma in Music Theater and Popular music.