Enroll in the Best Law School in Cagayan de Oro

Deciding to study law involves a lot of important decision making, and the top decision on your list would most likely be the school to enrol in. Of course, it is important that you’ll choose a school that can surely help you achieve your dream of becoming a good lawyer.

While the school’s reputation is one of the most significant components in your decision-making process, there are other equally important factors to consider and these include the following:

  • School Campus

You need to find out if you like the kind of environment (social and physical) that the school has. This includes their buildings, accessibility to transportation, and the camaraderie amongst students, faculty, and staff. Learn how competitive their campus is and it is even better if you experience some of their extracurricular activities.

  • Financial Considerations

Do not base your decision on the high fees of a school because it doesn’t necessarily mean that if it is an expensive school, it’s the best for you and your interests. Moreover, if your school is in a large city, you also have to consider the cost of living which will likely be higher than in a smaller city.
Undeniably, you want to enrol in a law school that can provide you with highly qualified professors who won’t only impart their knowledge but also their experience in the field, such as their public service activities. You should also know the faculty/student ratio, as this can be an indicator of the quality of learning that you’ll get. Some schools may be especially attractive to some students because of their small faculty-to-student ratio. Also, ask if there are visiting professors and distinguished lecturers.

  • The Library and Other Physical Facilities

Studying law would require you to spend a good deal of time in the law library, so find out if the school has high-quality research resources (both in print and electronic), and if it has any special collections or other important historical materials. You should also know if the library staff are helpful and accommodating as nobody would want to be in a library whose staff rarely smiles when asked about their collection of important books and publications.

  • Curriculum

You need to be in a school that offers a range of quality academic programs that suit your personal needs and special interests, and if they offer a variety of courses. You also need to know which specific areas are they strong at and if they offer ample opportunities for developing writing, researching, and drafting skills.

  • Bar Exam Passage Rate

Check out the school’s ranks when it comes to bar passage rates as this can indicate the quality of education and training you’ll get from them. It can also give you an idea on your chances of passing when your time to take the bar comes.

These are just a few of the qualities that your law school should have, and when looking for the right one, check us out at Liceo U. We have the best law school in Cagayan de Oro city. Know more about us by visiting our website http://www.liceo.edu.ph/academics/law/.



A Passion for Teaching: Be a Great Teacher

Once in your life, you may have experienced having teachers who have influenced you in many ways, and they may have awakened your inner passion to teach and guide children to become better individuals.

Thus, if you wish to be one of these people who influence children, then you might want to consider taking a course on education. Teaching may be hard, but seeing children learn can make you feel really good about yourself.

Deciding to become a teacher can be challenging and difficult due to the need to study the subject matter in advance and checking papers. To help you out, here are 3 tips on how to become a memorable teacher :

  • Create a Classroom Community

A classroom is a place to learn but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the teachers should be terror to hold the attention of their students. They should create a friendly classroom atmosphere as this will make students feel that they belong to the group and would most likely help each other. This will make them more excited to participate in classroom activities, and they’ll become more responsive and more interested to learn.

  • Make Learning Fun

Studying is quite tiring to many students and to you too; as what Roald Dahl says “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” Taking a break from the conventional classroom discussion may be quite educationally entertaining for both you and your students. It can make them look forward to what you will discuss for the day and will help increase their attention span.

  • Love Your Students

Everyone is different, and as a teacher, it’s your job to understand your student’s needs as well as their attitude. Show kindness to them but always remember that too much will make you too lenient; be empathic to their problems and understand them. This way, you can inspire them to do more and to succeed in their life which can then be a very fulfilling experience for you as a formator.

Indeed, teaching can become a great experience as you see a lot of your students give back to the community.
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Star Qualities a Physical Therapist Should Have

Physical therapists (PT) know so well that there are many people who do not really take extra care of their bodies, and it has become quite a problem because every day, one’s body is being strained. Thus, many would seek the assistance of a Physical Therapist (PT) to rehabilitate their injuries as well as their body. These professionals are tasked to cater to the rehabilitation needs of their patients and to help them relax. By looking at them do their work, you can tell that it is not easy, but it is very fulfilling. If you want to become a physical therapist, you then need to possess the following traits:

● Positive Personality

If you have a cheerful personality, you can help your patients become optimistic about their treatment and their recovery. They will most likely look forward to having that therapeutic session with you as they can see hope in the way you deal with them regardless of the severity of their physical condition.

● Caring

Your patients can tell if you are sincere in taking care of them as they can see it in your face. You, therefore need to wear a winsome smile when dealing with your patients to make them feel that you really committed to helping them. Being grumpy wouldn’t help your patients; it can even make them more miserable, So, do them a favor by letting them see your positive side.

● Knowledgeable in Their Field

You should have enough knowledge about your patient’s problem in order to help them recover. A knowledgeable PT lets patients know that they are being cared by the right person, and you should be able to show to them real progress under your care. You can then discuss with them their physical condition, and give them the assurance that they can still recover. Of course, you are not also expected to tell them lies, but even if their condition is hopeless, you can still make them feel fine. It all depends on how you communicate with them.

● Friendly

Being a friendly PT can give patients a rehabilitation worth going to; a PT who gets to know his/her patients and is interested in them can encourage them to go back to the rehabilitation facility to complete their treatment. It is really important that you can make friends with your patients and you can follow up with their progress.

In order to become a highly-qualified physical therapist, you need to have proper education and proper training from a school that excels in this area. In Cagayan de Oro city, you can enrol at Liceo U as it is one of the best universities that offers a physical therapy course here in the Philippines. For more information about them, visit their website at http://www.liceo.edu.ph/academics/school-and-colleges/physical-therapy/.

What You Must Do to Prepare Yourself for Law School

Many people would like to study and practice law, but most often these people are unprepared to face the challenges that the law school give them, causing them to stop and enroll in another course which they find much easier. Students who want to pursue Law must be fully armed with enough courage to face the challenges ahead and must be willing to become a bookworm for a few years in the life, or at least until they get a positive result of their BAR examination.

If you want to enroll in a law school, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Study in Advance

The Law school isn’t like any other undergraduate studies where you can just chill out and relax. Here, you will be dealing with life and death situations if you become a full fledged lawyer in the future, thus making your life more challenging and more fulfilling.

It is then a good idea that you have some knowledge what you are getting into when you enrol in a law school. Asking for the college prospectus will help you know in advance what you need to study.

It is also important for you to understand all the provisions that you encounter in law books. These can help you in memorizing and understanding the law by heart and make it a part of your life.

  • Have Amazing Penmanship

It isn’t a joke when people will tell you that your penmanship is important in passing your law school. Yes, your penmanship is important to help you pass since you will have to write a lot of essays in school as well as during the BAR exam; so, you need to make sure that your penmanship s legible. This way, your paper will be the first one to get your instructor’s attention and you won’t have problems when writing a long essay about a case.

  • Enjoy Your Freedom

The Law school will be really hectic and busy, and it will eat a lot of time, possibly giving you a very minimal to no time for leisure. However, you also need to make sure that you take a break and try not to get burnt out because you might not survive.

If you are a fresh graduate and is reading this, don’t get pressured on what to expect, just enjoy it now and be a responsible student in the Law school if you dream of becoming a great lawyer.

Hopefully these few tips can help you in your chosen field, and we wish you the best of luck! We then recommend that you enroll in a prestigious law school as they have the best professors for you. In Cagayan de Oro City, you can enroll at Liceo U. We are one of the most trusted Law schools in the city and in the country. For more information about us, visit our website at http://www.liceo.edu.ph/academics/law/.

Excellence Born from Training Talents

Children begin to dream at an early age, and many of them won’t be able to fulfill it. Thus, it is important to cultivate this dream and help them achieve it. Education plays a vital role in making their dream a reality.

Education is what prepares the children for the future, in some cases, their careers. In school, teachers become second parents as well as mentors. However, it is understood that the early education of the children always starts at home where parents would teach them some basic knowledge and help them discover their talents.

Talent Discovery in Education

Children start to become curious at an early age, and they look at things in different perspective. In fact, parents usually discover and help develop their children’s talents during their childhood years, and the school would then polish this talent. One good example is our very own Rudolf P. Golez who was taught to play the piano when he was only four years old. He was able to develop his talent to the fullest such that he is now a renowned musician who has performed in several concerts here in the Philippines and abroad.

Upon discovering his passion in music, he then decided to excel at it by going to Juilliard School and studying under Seymour Lipkin. Having one of the best musicians as his teacher and mentor, he became a recognized artist in the whole country.

Talents alone won’t help improve your passion. In fact, Rudolf P. Golez even went to a prestigious school for him to become who he is now, a genius world-class pianist.

Talent, Education, and Success

Rudolf P. Golez, with all the things he was taught by his parents and mentors, tried to test his skills during the First ASEAN Chopin International Piano Competition. He became the sole prize winner among all the contestants who joined.

His success comes from the root of where he got his talent and passion, his mother. He now serves as the Vice-President for External and Cultural Affairs at one of the most prestigious universities in his hometown.

He even organizes big musical and cultural events in the city as he wants to bring theatrical arts in his own locality.

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Music and the City’s Musical Prowess

The human race has been appreciating the value of music since time immemorial. When the ancient men discovered sounds, they started producing them by using bones, bows, and their own body parts. They even tried to combine all of those which resulted in discovering music which then became part of their lives. They used music for entertainment, rituals, and rites of passage. As civilization develops, man’s love for music grows even deeper. In fact today, we use music very often, and we really love it!

What Makes Classical Music Different

Modern music focuses more on the lyrics than what mystery one feels in listening to classical music. They are rooted in excellence and inquiry leading us to feel the message conveyed by the songs. The beauty of music comes from the depths of the thoughts and the emotions of the composer, then the perfect delivery of the singer. Beethoven, for an example, was a classical composer and pianist but it remains to be a mystery how a deaf person created great music that ended the classical era.

Importance of Music Schools

Music can be self-taught, but it’s difficult to learn it alone; it is important to have a mentor who prioritizes in helping you develop your talent. Just like Mr. Rudolf P. Golez and other classical artists whose career in music started with their interest in learning it and then, excel in the field later. They were able to achieve their dream through the help of highly qualified mentors in the school where they enrolled.

Indeed, music schools can help much in developing your talent and skills in order to become a great musician as they will provide you with highly qualified professors as well as the right environment that makes learning much easier and more fun.

Cagayan de Oro’s Own Classical Musician

Here in Mindanao, we have our own Mozart, Mr. Rudolf P. Golez. He was a protégé of the iconic pianist and conductor Seymour Lipkin. He had many successes in concerts and contests around the globe and is a great representation of Mindanao’s talent. He was also recognized by the Cultural Center of the Philippines as a soloist which is a great success for a local artist. A genius in his field, he continues to serve the city as an educator in music and arts.

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The Wonderful World of Music Excites Me

I have always been fascinated with great musicians, and it was my dream to be on a big stage and sing my favorite songs. When I told my mom and dad about this, they were so happy and supported me all the way.

My First Music Lesson

When I was in high school, my parents hired a music teacher to teach me the basic lessons in music during the weekends. She also taught me how to play the piano. At first, it was not that easy, but since I was really determined to learn how to sing well and to play the piano, things became much easier for me.

Since we live in the countryside, and there were only 4 of us in the house including my younger brother, our place wasn’t that noisy, thus making it conducive to learning music. With that, I learned my lessons quite fast. Thanks also to my teacher who was really patient with me.

My First Public Performance

Being a member of our school “Glee Club” was a great opportunity as it was an avenue for me to develop my talent in music as well my skills in singing and in playing the piano. We had to perform in our school once a month and during special occasions. The best experience I had was when I joined in a mini concert as one of the highlights during the foundation day of our place which was attended by a good number of guests, including high government officials from the neighboring places. I really gave my best during the show, and I considered it as my first performance in public.

Pursuing My Dream

I became more inspired to pursue my dream of becoming a professional musician. I also continued getting good marks in all my subjects, modesty aside, and I graduated with flying colors!

When it was time to enrol in college, I already knew what I wanted. As expected, I enrolled in a music course. I then learned everything that I wanted to learn about music, and I was also blessed that I had excellent professors not only in my music subjects, but in other subjects as well.

Careers in Music
I was confident enough that after my graduation, I would have a great music career, and it really happened!

A graduate of a course majoring in Music can either be a performer or a teacher, depending on which field you can most likely excel. On my part, I chose to become a teacher as it allows me to fulfill my dream of performing on maybe, not a huge stage, but on a platform where I can see the happy and exciting faces of students whose future I am molding. At the same time, I can share my talents, skills, and even my dreams with them. Most importantly, I can help them become the best musicians and the best individuals they can be!

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