Free Quality University Education

We are in an extremely competitive world where skilled employees are in high demand. Thus, one needs to have earned a degree to be able to land in a wide range of careers that offer high compensation and promise a brighter future.

With this, we can truly say that knowledge is really indispensable; although skills can be learned even outside the four walls of the classroom, the school is still the best place to hone them. To understand this further, let us discuss the top advantages of formal education (one that is being conducted in a classroom).

  • More Employment Opportunities

If you have a degree or a certificate, whether from a college or a trade, you have more options for employment compared to those who are unskilled. This is because what you learn in school puts you on the right track for a great job, thus boosting your independence and making you more financially secure. This way, you’re able to make the best out of your life.

  • Makes You More Responsible

Formal education is not only meant to develop your skills, but it also teaches you how to manage yourself and become a responsible individual, as it prepares you to not just succeed, but excel in a highly competitive world.

  • Allows You to Develop Critical Thinking

What is also great about education is that it develops your critical thinking which is necessary to overcome different challenges in the real world. For instance, having the right education can help you figure out if someone is sincere with his intention or if he is deceitful. Moreover, your reasoning skills can direct you to the right path in life and can save you from possible misfortune.

  • Time Management

In school, you will learn how to handle your time effectively in order to attend to all your classes and meet all deadlines. This training is important because in reality, you need to be good at multitasking as you need to properly attend to your job, your family, and other social responsibilities. Hence, you need to become a master of time management, as this is one of the primary ingredients for success.

  • Enforce Discipline

Schools enforce the kind of discipline that is first learned at home, making it clear enough that every wrong action has a consequence. For instance, if you fail to pass in a subject, you need to repeat it, and if you cheat during exams, you get a zero as your score. This will make you understand that in life, it is always the best choice to do what is right, and this makes you a more disciplined individual.

  • Develops Social Skills

Ever since your primary years in school, you have been taught to interact with your peers. Regular social interaction helps develop values like friendship, cooperation, humility, leadership, and more. This is to equip you with the social skills you need to excel not only in social gatherings but in every endeavor that you will take later in life.

These all boil down to the fact that formal education is essential as it does not only provide you with the necessary skills to survive in this life, but to make this life more beautiful for you!

Fortunately, there are excellent universities that can assure you of quality education. One of which is Liceo U which offers free Senior High School to all Junior High School Completers who are recipients of the government’s full voucher. They are also one of the best schools for occupational therapy in the Philippines. For any inquiries on how to avail, text or call 09989612105 / 8584093 to 95 local 249 or 113 or visit their website at


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