Be the Engineer That the World Needs

Engineers have a unique mindset, as they have a certain type of intelligence that you won’t find in other fields of specialties. They are creative like an artist, and detailed like an accountant, not to mention that they are independent and self-confident.

If you want to be an engineer, you need math, science, and programming skills which require you to use both the left and the right brains. Obviously, such a profession has different kind of challenges, and it takes someone who is smart enough to excel in the field. Now, you might start asking yourself why you should become an engineer. To answer that, here are a few reasons why you should become one:

  • The world is made up of hardware.

We are now in a world where people need smartphones, planes, cars, TVs, laptops, tablets, switches, routers, scanners, drones, 3D printers, robots, and manufacturing equipment. All these are necessary in order for the world to function smoothly. Hence, someone needs to design these things, and that is what engineers do. They build hardware.

  • The world is made up of software.

While the world needs hardware, it also needs software as it is what runs all of the devices mentioned above. These devices are useless without a software to tell it what to do, and it’s an engineer who programs and designs such software.

  • The world is getting older.

As people grow old, they will need a special kind of care. Obviously, they will need pharmaceuticals and sometimes even new body parts. This is the reason why there are machines that help hearts to beat and the lungs to breathe. Engineers will make these things.

  • The world is getting bigger.

As the population grows, the world will require more roads, more bridges, better transportation systems, and the like. In short, the world will need better infrastructure. All these are only made possible through the knowledge and expertise of outstanding engineers.

  • The world is getting more competitive.

Although most countries have realized the importance of peace which is the reason why they’re investing in education, war is never out of the question. That is why the world’s largest militaries continue to invest in weapons, ships, planes, and tanks to defend their people and to keep peace through strength. Thus, they need engineers to make all these things.

  • The world needs more entrepreneurs.

If you are an engineer, it means you’re technical, but if you’ve got other skills, like analytical, marketing, communications, sales, finance, or legal you can build your engineering background to run companies, motivate teams, educate groups, and lead the effort to innovate and make the world a better place. This way, you become entrepreneurs.

Definitely, the world needs engineers! If you are smart enough to take the challenge and to help make the world a better place to live in, then respond to this call of becoming a great engineer.

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