The University That Can Enhance Your Talent in Music


Music is often defined as the language of the heart. In fact Victor Hugo, a famous writer beautifully puts it, “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Yes, I am sure we all agree that music expresses our deepest thoughts and emotions. Thus, it is not surprising why many got interested in this field, and why all human beings can be moved by songs that speak about their experiences.

Career of a Music Degree Holder

Music is as old as time itself. Since it plays a very significant role in man’s life, it becomes a field of interest and is therefore offered as a course in college. The common question would then be, what will you do after finishing your degree? Well, you can be any of the following:

  • Musician – creates and/or performs music in a variety of genres.
  • Private music teacher – provides trainings in instrument, vocal and music at some colleges, schools or community-based settings.
  • Secondary school teacher – teaches how to play an instrument or gives singing and voice lessons
  • Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video – responsible in ensuring that the technical equipment used for recording, amplifying, enhancing, mixing or reproducing sound is always in good condition.

The Best School That Offers Music courses in the Philippines

Liceo de Cagayan University is your partner in becoming the world’s most famous musician. They are committed to producing highly skilled, competent, and multifaceted musicians, artists, and/or music teachers. They want their students to possess the following qualities to become successful in their careers.

  • Skills and competence in the rudiments of music
  • Skills in research and music innovation
  • Passion to continue learning about music

Reasons to Study Music at Liceo University:

  • The teachers are carefully chosen according to their expertise
  • Liceo is conveniently located at the heart of the city
  • It has the best facilities, such as air-conditioned practice rooms and a world-class auditorium

Music Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor of Music in Performance – this is designed to develop the artistic and technical abilities of students in their chosen instrument by providing them with intensive instruction and trainings.
  • Bachelor of Music in Pedagogy – designed to improve the teaching abilities of students in a classroom setting or in a one-on-one setup.
  • Artist Diploma – a two-year program consists of individual music instrument instruction, ensemble, music theory, solfege, dictation, and chorus class.
  • Associate in Music – a two-year preparatory course for a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy.
  • Pre-College – preparatory course for young musicians before entering college.

For interested students who want to know more about Liceo de Cagayan University’s Music courses, they can log on to for more details.


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