Joining the Ranks and Protecting the Community

The Duty of Keeping the Community Safe

In every nation, city, town and community, there are a set of laws that are made in order to keep peace and order. Following these said laws should be simple, but every now and then there are people who deviate from these laws, which sometimes results in harming others who are often innocent.

This is why each community needs its own team of men and women in uniform, or law enforcers to make sure people are acting according to the law. These honorable men and women are also here to protect the innocent, and ensure that no crime goes unpunished.

There is still more to being a law enforcer or criminologist than just that though, as there are different fields under criminal justice people can specialize in. Apart from law enforcement and public security and safety, other fields in criminology include criminology, criminal investigation, and forensic science.

Other activities related to this professional field involve investigating and finding answers to mysterious crimes, capturing the perpetrator, and more. All of these are done for the sake of controlling crime rates in the community and ensuring that everyone is able to sleep peacefully at night.

Pursuing a Criminology Career

Due to the service they provide to the community, it is no question how criminology professionals are well-respected and honored. That being said, it makes sense that some of the youth would be interested in joining the ranks of these esteemed criminologist and law enforcers to help protect the community.

Before taking up a course in criminology or criminal justice, it may help to learn a little more about what they specifically do. Therefore, here are some examples of the duties and responsibilities of criminologists:

  • Research thoroughly. A large part of being a criminologist involves a lot of extensive research in regards to crimes and why they happen. Criminologists have to take in several different and possible factors that may have contributed for committing a crime. This includes the personal life of the victim and suspected perpetrator, their mental state, environmental factors social status, behavior, among other things. They also study any biological samples found in crime scenes like blood, hair, bodily fluids, etc. Every little researchable detail counts in being a criminologist in order to capture the criminal.
  • Develop theories. Through their research, criminologists should be able to come up with a theory as to why a person would choose to deviate from law. Finding out the root cause is essential for preventing the crime from happening again or at least to reduce its chances. Part of developing theories is the analyzing of case statistics for any sort of pattern, trend in behavior or similarities they can take into account for preventive strategies. Doing this also helps criminologists assess the current justice system and if it is effective in reforming criminals.
  • Law enforcement. One of the front-lining tasks for those in the criminal justice field due to its nature of exposing the law enforcer or police officer. As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost task in law enforcement is making sure the city’s laws and ordinances are obeyed. This may also be considered to be the more “action-filled” tasks since being in the field means increased chances of seeing crimes as they happen. When they do happen, it is their role to do anything in their power to capture the culprit and bring him to justice.

Studying Criminal Justice in Cagayan de Oro

Liceo U is one of the universities in Mindanao that offers criminal justice courses which include the following core or professional subjects:

  • Criminal Laws and Jurisprudence
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Criminalistics (Forensic Science)
  • Crime Detection, Investigation and Prevention
  • Criminal Sociology, Ethics and Human Relations
  • Correctional Administration

Additionally, the university’s Bachelor of Science in Criminology is also reputed for having the following strengths in its program:

  • High passing rate in the Licensure Exams for Criminologists
  • Hands-on experience on all forensic science and defense equipment
  • Comprehensive OJT (On-the-Job Training) program
  • Opportunity to undergo a 3-month cultural exchange and work experience program in various establishments around the United States under First Place, Inc.
  • Comprehensive, in-house pre-board review for graduating students
  • Comprehensive, in-house review for alumni aiming to take the Criminology Board Exam

The university offers the chance for future criminologists to get quality education to properly prepare them for the criminal justice world. For those interested in taking this up and looking for more information, visit the website at


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