Being Part of the Medical Field as a Medical Technologist

Stepping into the Medical Field

There can be several reasons why a student would want to pursue a medical career whether as a nurse, doctor, medical technologist, radiologist, etc. A couple of these reasons can include the will to help the sick, or a pure interest in all things concerning health and medicine.

Of course, anyone willing to pursue such a field should be properly prepared, as several people’s lives will soon be on their hands if they successfully get into the profession. The only way to be fully prepared for becoming a medical professional is by taking the necessary classes through a full medical course.

Since there are different fields in medicine, it only makes sense that there would also be different courses centered into training a student for a specific field of medicine. Even the seemingly “general” medicine courses for future doctors will later have the student choose a field of specialization in order for them to become properly trained doctors.

Apart from medicine and nursing courses, students can take up courses like radiologic therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy and last but definitely not the least, medical laboratory science. These courses and the medical professionals they produce are all quite crucial to the field of medicine.

A Closer Look at Medical Laboratory Science

Without even just one of the professions mentioned above, the medical field would be too incomplete and may not be able to function properly in giving people proper health care. This is especially true for medical laboratory science practitioners or medical technologists who are responsible for running and providing accurate medical test results to doctors for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Medical technologists do quite a wide variety of medical tests depending on the doctor’s prescription or order, ranging from hematology tests to hormone assays. Here are a few examples of these said tests and what they are usually for:

  • CBC with Platelet Counts: CBC is an acronym for Complete Blood Count, and as the name suggests, this test aims to provide information about the specific number of blood cells. This includes the number of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets a person currently has. Through a CBC and Platelet count, doctors are able to tell if a patient has anemia, an infection, leukemia, polycythemia, malaria, sickle cell disease, or dengue fever.
  • Blood Typing: Every person has his own certain blood type either Type A, B, AB, or O, and blood typing helps determine that person’s blood type. Blood types are determined by the number of antigens in the red blood cells, and are often passed down from a person’s parents. Some people do not give a second thought as to what blood type they have, which can be risky in certain situations such as blood transfusions or pregnancy. This is because certain blood types are not compatible with the other, and carelessly combining these types through transfusion or other methods can lead to death. Therefore, to be safe, it is best for one to know his blood type.
  • Urinalysis: From its root term “urine”, a urinalysis requires a sample of a person’s urine or in a more casual term, pee. The urine sample is examined according to its appearance and content, such as its concentration. This type of test is done to detect any sort of abnormality, disease or disorder in a person’s kidneys or urinary tract. A urinalysis is also used for detecting if a person has diabetes or not.

Take the Tests at the Liceo Medical Diagnostics Center

Apart from being one of the universities that offers medical technology courses in Mindanao, Liceo U also has its own Liceo Medical Diagnostics Center that is open to the public. In this diagnostics center, people can undergo the three tests mentioned above and other tests as well.

For more information on the tests offered in the diagnostics center or on the medical technology courses in the university, just visit the website at


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