Why Physical Therapy Is Important and Where to Study To Pursue a Career on This

Choosing a Physical Therapy Course

Graduating from high school is known to be a big accomplishment for anyone, but it only signifies the beginning of a journey. After high school, a student will usually encounter situations where he has to start making big life decisions, including what course to take in college.

There are numerous college courses available out there, each having a road towards a certain career path. Thus, it is critical for the young adolescent to choose a course that is worthwhile to him, and makes him believe that he can build the right career with it.

Some adolescents have the vision to work in the medical field, often taking up pre-med science courses like Biology or Nursing to get into the practice. While there is nothing wrong with that, more students should know that the medical field stretches far beyond Medicine and Nursing.

One particular field in medicine that has become quite popular nationwide is Physical Therapy. This is defined as “a dynamic profession with an established theoretical and scientific base and widespread clinical applications in the restoration, maintenance and promotion of optimal physical function.” – http://www.apta.org

In other words, Physical Therapy is a medical field that usually involves the rehabilitation of physical movement, especially during the post-surgery recovery period. This also includes helping physically disabled people so they can learn how to cope better with their disability.

The Importance of Physical Therapy

If one is to choose taking up Physical Therapy, one should know why it is important and what significant role it plays in the medical field. That being said, below are certain reasons why Physical Therapy or a Physical Therapist is important:

  • Physical therapists play a part in preventing impairments from worsening or even happening and causing a permanent physical disability. Such impairments are often the result of certain disorders, injuries, diseases or other medical conditions. Physical therapists can limit the degree of the impairment so it does not develop into anything severe through a series of exercises, treatments, and early detection of a physical abnormality. That way a patient can recover from conditions that are usually painful and limit movement, and be able to return to full health and resume a normal life.
  • Physical therapists have a significant role in assisting people with disabilities that are permanent. They especially become helpful to people who acquired such disabilities rather than being born with them, like accident survivors or people who had a severe injury. Physical therapists prepare exercises that teach them how to cope with their disability in a way that they are still able to live their lives as normally as possible. Even patients suffering from lower back pains, cerebral palsy or arthritis can undergo Physical Therapy as a way of helping them out.
  • Physical therapists also assist children who show signs of delays in their physical development, such as having weak muscles and joints. The treatment for cases like these can vary depending on the diagnosis of the physiatrist. Some examples of the treatment the child can undergo though include balance and coordination exercises, ultrasound therapy, strength training, stretching exercises, electrical stimulation, and a therapeutic massage.

Cagayan de Oro Physical Therapy Course

After learning about the importance of Physical Therapy, one can decide for sure if it is a career they would want to build. If one chooses the said career, he can study Physical Therapy at Liceo U!

The university is known for producing two top notchers in the Physical Therapy board exam Grazelle Santos who ranked #2, and Ylgynne Uta who ranked #4. For more information on the course and on other courses at the university, check out the website: www.liceo.edu.ph


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